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Scriptural Spirituality Today

The three of us retired at the end of 2019. We knew it was time when Fr. Mike and I reached 80 years of age. Sr Joan is much younger!! We still love itinerant preaching and feel we have fulfilled a purpose. We would have loved to pass the organisation, Thomas More Center on to others, but there is no one willing to take it on. Our team has been a unique: a community – mixed gender and mixed religious orders, with Joan being Franciscan and Mike and I being Dominican. We have traveled a great deal and met many people of faith. Our talks have come out of many conversations with these people. We have also worked with bishops, priests, sisters as well as parish and school staffs. They have all impressed us with their devoted faith, love and commitment to ministry. They have also been our teachers.

Our talk topics provide a depth of faith which will help those struggling to believe, those wanting to improve their store of knowledge, those who are looking for devotional material and those looking for a meditative way of praying. The Dominican Order has a motto: “To share with others the fruits of contemplation.” This has been our life long attempt at fulfilling that motto.

We are proud to be Vatican II Catholics, lucky to have been trained in that tradition, and to have found Pope Francis and his teaching before we retire. So much of what he teaches is what we believe to be the Way of the Church for the future. It is summed up by saying we are committed to preaching the Mercy of God, and the importance of preserving and sharing God’s Creation.

Please pray for us and those who have worked with us.

We are pleased to be able to offer these digital audio versions of our talks.

Also please visit the Dominican daily homily site. All three of us record audio homilies each month for this site.

Fr. Nick

New Recorded Talk: The Joy of Love

Series 1 – Recorded Talks

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Volume One – (4 talks)

1. The Washing of the Feet – Sr. Joan
2. Gratitude, the Necessary Christian Virtue – Sr. Joan & Fr. Nick
3. Martha – Princess of the Saints – Fr. Nick
4. Pain and Suffering in the Christian Experience – Fr. Mike
Volume Two – (4 talks)

1. Hope – A Contemporary Virtue – Fr. Mike
2. The Woman who Anoints Jesus – Sr. Joan 
3. Human Dignity and Ecumenism – Fr. Nick 
4. The Holy Spirit – Fr. Nick & Sr. Joan 
Volume Three – (4 talks)

1. The Lord’s Prayer – Fr. Mike
2. God’s Generosity – Sr. Joan
3. Faith and Doubt – Fr. Nick
4. Death, Resurrection and Grief – Fr. Mike
Volume Four – (4 talks)

1. The Image of God – Sr. Joan
2. Essential Ingredients for Christian Spirituality – Fr. Nick
3. Greetings to the Saints – Fr. Mike
4. Devotion to Mary – Sr. Joan & Fr. Nick
Volume Five – (4 talks)

1. St. Paul – a Saint for All Times – Fr. Nick
2. The Book of Revelation – Sr. Joan
3. Meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus – Fr. Mike
4. Have a Soft Heart – Reconciliation – Fr. Mike
Volume Six – (4 talks)

1. Celebrate a Jubilee – Fr. Mike
2. Women in Scripture – Sr. Joan
3. The Sacrament of Reconciliation – Fr. Nick & Sr. Joan
4. The Sacrifice of Jesus – Fr. Nick

Series 2 – Recorded Talks

Volume One – (4 talks)

1. Looking at the Back of God – Fr. Mike
2. The Canaanite Woman – Sr. Joan
3. Grace – Fr. Nick & Sr. Joan
4. The Jesus I Believe In – Fr. Nick
Volume Two – (4 talks)

1. The Woman Taken in Adultery – Fr. Nick and Sr. Joan
2. Busy Person’s Prayer – Sr. Joan
3. God Is Love – Fr. Nick
4. The Trinity – Mutual Admiration Society – Fr. Mike
Volume Three – (4 talks)

1. The Prodigal Son – Fr. Mike
2. St. Francis – Sr. Joan
3. The Reading of the Bible – Fr. Nick & Sr. Joan
4. The Good Samaritan – Fr. Nick
Volume Four – (4 talks)

1. Introduction to Vatican II – Fr. Mike
2. A Dream Come True: Vatican II Document “Joy and Hope” – Fr. Nick
3. How Vatican II Changed Religious Education – Sr. Joan
4. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians – Fr. Nick and Sr. Joan