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The Joy of the Gospel

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Holy Week!

Holy WeekHoly Thursday
Jesus has a bitter sweet last meal with his friends and teaches them and us about servant leadership. He gives himself to us in the form of food and drink. "The Body of Christ; The Blood of Christ. AMEN.” We resolve to continue our efforts to become more and more The Body of Christ, as we reach out to those in need.

Good Friday
Gethsemane was probably a private garden, no doubt that of a wealthy friend. Jesus has used it many times to get away to pray. Perhaps they may not find him there. It is not an attempt to escape but to delay the inevitable so that he could obtain the maximum amount of courage to endure what was coming to him.
He prays to his Father with extreme candor. Jesus looks into the eyes of his Father who does not fail him. It is there he finds courage.

Holy Saturday
With all of creation and with all who have been a part of our salvation history, we welcome the New Light, the New Water and… last but not least, the newly baptized into our midst. May we never abandon them at the fount but include them now as full members, inviting them to share their gifts. From these new members we learn about commitment and responding to the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Easter Sunday-and EVERY Sunday!
Death no longer has a grip on us. We all enjoy resurrection now and when we die. Thanks to Jesus who now reigns as The Christ. ALLELUIA.

Joan, Mike and Nick