Guided Imagery

Imagine a dark room. It is where you are sleeping. Just as the first birds begin their early morning songs and as the first rays of the sun show up, you wake up. You are peaceful and rested and feel like getting up. You take a glass of fresh cool water and go outside. You can smell the freshness of the night all around you. As a little more light dawns you find a quiet place to sit. No one else is there. Everyone else in your home is still sleeping. You feel peaceful, but waiting……., waiting….

You breathe in deeply (breathe). A cool breeze blows. You feel the coolness on your face and body. You feel close to God. It is still so quiet. Only the birds are calling, the breeze is blowing. You are peaceful. As you take another deep breath you discover that you are feeling healthy after a good night’s sleep. ( breathe in, out)   It is still quite dark. You have gratefulness in your heart. You decide to thank God for many things. What do you thank God for? (family, friends, health, food, safety, faith, peace, forgiveness)

Gradually, you become aware of the imminent presence of another person. As you focus your eyes toward the rising sun, you see a figure coming toward you.

The person comes very close — and sits down next to you. You do not know this man, but he seems to know you. He sits very close and quietly speaks your name. (pause)

He whispers “Do not be afraid. I am Jesus and I love you.” (pause)

Jesus thanks you for trying to be a good person. He thanks you for being mindful of people in need.   Jesus smiles at you and he puts his arm around you.   You can feel the arm of Jesus on your shoulder. (pause) Jesus sits there a long time with you. And you are both very quiet.

“Come to me all you who labor and burdened and I will refresh you.” What do you want to say to Jesus? What are you burdens? Say this to Jesus now.

Jesus tells you that you have the power to be Jesus in your world. He says this is the gift to you and that he leaves you with this gift.

Thank Jesus for this time.

Jesus gets up and walks away.

The sun is now bright and and you feel its warmth on your face. You are aware that you have been given new graces to continue being one of Jesus’ disciples.

Joan Bukrey, OSF