List of Recommended Books


Apostolic Exhortation

Pope Francis – Apostolic Exhortation


Reference Books

  • THE NEW JEROME BIBLE HANDBOOK, Liturgical Press, 1992
  • ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CATHOLICISM, Richard McBrien, Harper Collins, 1995
  • VATICAN COUNCIL II, THE BASIC SIXTEEN DOCUMENTS; CONSTITUTIONS, DECREES, DECLARATIONS – A Revised translation in inclusive language, General Editor, Austin Flannery
  • AN INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW TESTAMENT, Raymond Brown, Anchor Bible Reference Library.
  • WOMAN AND MAN ONE IN CHRIST, Report on the participation of women in the Catholic Church in Australia.  Harper Collins, 1996.

The following are reliable scriptural and theological authorities

Carroll Stuhlmueller
Raymond Brown
Bruce Vawter
Walter Brueggemann
Dianne Bergant
Eugene LaVerdiere
Carolyn Osiek
Donald Senior
Richard Rohr
Sandra Schneiders
Eugene Maly
David Stanley
Pheme Perkin
Roland Murphy
Joseph Fitzmyer
Jerome Murphy-O’Connor
Robert North
Francis Moloney (Aus)
Brendan Byrne(Aus)
Michael Fallon (Aus)
Peter Ellis
Elizabeth Johnson
Richard McBrien
Edward Schillebeeckx
William Barclay
Gerard Sloyan
Elaine Wainwright
Patricia Sanchez
Elizabeth S. Fiorenza
Megan McKenna
Sidney Callahan
Barbara Reid
Cathy Hilkert
Virginia Smith
Don Goergen
Timothy Radcliffe

Books We Recommend

  • Baron and Wagele. The Enneagram Made Easy.
  • Bausch, William. A New Look at the Sacraments.
  • Beattie, Melody. Co-dependent No More.  (All writings by Beattie)
  • Bergant, Dianne. The Collegeville Concise Glossary of Biblical Terms.
  • Brueggemann, Walter.  Spirituality of the Psalms
  • Butler-Bass, Diana. Christianity For the Rest of Us. How The Neighborhood Church is Transforming the Faith
  • Boys, Mary C., ed. Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity’s Sacred Obligation
  • Bokenkotter, Thomas. Essential Catholicism, Dynamics of Faith and Belief.
  • Brown, Raymond. Responses to 101 Questions on the Bible.
  • Butigan, Litell, Vitale. Franciscan Non Violence.
  • Cahill, Lisa Sowle. Theological Bioethics: Participation, Justice, Change
  • Champlin, Joseph. The Marginal Catholic  (All writings by Champlin)
  • Chittister, Joan. A Passion For Life
  • Coriden, James. The Rights of Catholics In the Church
  • Cunningham Lawrence. Faith Rediscovered:  Coming Home to Catholicism.
  • Cwiekowski, Frederick. The Beginnings of the Church.
  • Dear, John. Transfiguration.
  • Deedy, John. Retrospect:The Origins of Catholic Belief and Practice.
  • Delia, Warner, Wood. Care For Creation.
  • Donders, Joseph. Risen Life, Healing a Broken World.   (All writings by Donders)
  • Donovan, Vincent. The Church in the Midst of Creation.
  • Eckhart, Tolle. The Power of Now
  • Edwards, Denis. Ecology at the Heart of Faith: The Change of Heart That Leads to a New Way of Living on Earth.
  • Feiler, Bruce. Where God Was Born, A Journey by Land to the Roots of Religion
  • Ferder, and Heagle. Your Sexual Self:  A Path to Authentic Intimacy
  • Flinders, Carol Lee. Enduring Grace, living portraits of Seven Women Mystics
  • Goergen, Don, OP. Fire of Love, Encountering the Holy Spirit
  • Heaps, Bishop John . A Love That Dares To Question
  • Henriot, Peter (   Catholic Social Teaching:  Our Best Kept Secret.
  • Himes, Kenneth, ed., Modern Catholic Social Teaching, commentaries and interpretations
  • Hosie, John. Before You Love Again.  Marriage, Divorce and Annulment.
  • Johnson, Elizabeth. She Who Is. ( all writings by E. Johnson)
  • Kaufman, Philip, Why You Can Disagree and Remain a Faithful Catholic.
  • LaVerdiere, Eugene. Fundamentalism: A Pastoral Concern
  • Lewis, Thomas.  Finding God: Praying the Psalms In Times of Depression
  • Linn Dennis, Sheila & Matthew, Good Goats.  Healing Our Image of God.
  • March, John, MD. Talking Back to OCD  (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • McBrien, Richard.  Catholicism.   (All writings by McBrien)
  • McKenna, Megan. Not Counting Women and Children.
  • Moloney, Frank. A Body Broken for a Broken People:  Eucharist in the N.T.
  • Morneau, Bishop Robert.  Reconciliation
  • Murphy-O’Connor, Jerome. Paul, His Story
  • Nolan, Albert. Jesus Before Christianity.
  • O’Donohue, John. To Bless the Space Between Us.  A Book of Blessings.  (all works by O’Donohue)
  • O’Gorman and Faulkner. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Catholicism
  • O’Meara, Thomas. Fundamentalism:  A Catholic Perspective.
  • O’Murchu, Diarmui., Catching Up With Jesus: A Gospel Story for Our Time
  • O’Shea, Bill. Questions Catholics Ask.
  • Pable, Martin. Catholics and Fundamentalism
  • Radcliffe, Timothy, OP. What is the Point of Being a Christian?
  • Reid Barbara, Choosing the Better Part, women in the Gospel of Luke.
  • Robinson, Bishop Geoffrey. Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church
  • Rohr, Richard. Everything Belongs. The Gift of Contemplative Prayer (All writings by Rohr)
  • Rolheiser, Ron. The Holy Longing.
  • Rosenberg, Marshall. Nonviolent Communication
  • Rupp, Joyce. Walk In a Relaxed Manner (All writings by Rupp)
  • St. Anthony Press (Ed.) A Retreat With ..a variety of books on spirituality of saints
  • Sanchez, Patricia. The Word We Celebrate. (Commentary on Sunday Lectionary)
  • Schillebeeckx, Edward. Church, The Human Story of God.
  • Schussler-Fiorenza, Elizabeth. Bread Not Stone, The challenge of Feminist Biblical Interpretation.
  • Shlemon, Barbara, Healing the Wounds of Divorce.
  • Schmidt, Joseph. Praying Our Experiences.
  • Schneiders, Sandra.  Written That You May Believe, Encountering Jesus in the Fourth Gospel
  • Sherman, Barbara. Dementia With Dignity, A Handbook For Caregivers.
  • Simon, Arthur.  How Much Is Enough? Hungering for God in an Affluent Culture
  • Simpson, Robert and Anne. Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer’s, a guide in two voices.
  • Sloyan, Gerard. So You Mean to Read the Bible.
  • Sofield and Juliano. Collaborative Ministry, skills & guidelines.
  • Smith, Virginia. God For Grownups.
  • Stuhlmueller, Carroll. Biblical Meditations -readings for the liturgical year/ 6 vol.
  • Wallis, Jim. Living God’s Politics: A Guide to Putting Your Faith Into Action
  • Wessels, Cletus. Jesus In the New Universe Story
  • Whitehead, Evelyn and James, A Sense of Sexuality. (All writings by Whiteheads)
  • Wilkes, Paul. The Good Enough Catholic (all writings by Wilkes)
  • Wills, Garry.  What the Gospels Meant (all writings by Wills)
  • Wolski-Conn, Joann, ed. Women’s Spirituality, resources for Christian Development
  • Zwack, Joseph.  Your Chance to Remarry Within the Catholic Church

Recent Additions

  • Anselm Academic Series from St. Mary’s Press especially:
    • The Catholic Family Connections Bible
    • Trinity in Relation: Creation, Incarnation, and Grace in an Evolving Cosmos (Gloria Schaab)
    • Reading the Gospels: Biblical Interpretation in the Catholic Tradition (Christopher McMahon)
    • The Back Door: Introduction to the Bible (John Kaltner and Steven L. McKenzie)
    • Green Discipleship: Catholic Theological Ethics and the Environment (Tobias Winright, ed.)
  • Cannato, Judy. Field of Compassion: How the New Cosmology is Transforming Spiritual Life.
  • Chittister, Joan. The Friendship of Women.
  • Coutinho, Paul. How Big Is Your God?
  • Harrington, Wilfred. Jesus Our Brother: the Humanity of the Lord.
  • Leonard, Richard. Where the Hell is God?
  • Ranson, David. The Hospitality of Ministry.
  • Ranson, David. The Paschal Paradox
  • Robinson, Geoffrey. Love’s Urgent Longings: Wrestling with Belief in Today’s Church.

Translations of the Bible

  • New Jerusalem Bible
  • New American Bible  (Catholic Edition or Catholic Edition Study Bible)
  • New Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition)
  • The Way (Catholic Edition) Transliteration of the Bible

Bible Commentaries

  • Collegeville Bible Commentaries (Either one volume or commentary on individual books)
  • New American Bible (Catholic Study Edition)

Vatican II

  • Doyle, Dennis. The Church Emerging from Vatican I.
  • Huebsch, Bill. The Council: Vatican II in Plain English.
  • Sullivan, Maureen. 101 Questions & Answers on Vatican II.
  • Sullivan, Maureen. The Road to Vatican II.
  • Lakeland, Paul. Catholicism at the Crossroads: How the Laity Can Save the Church.

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