A new talk I am preparing will be the above title.  So often the media driven politics, relentless consumerism, the frailty of the economy and its impact on us (job loss, lack of adequate health care, minimal access to  good education, etc.) –all can make us vulnerable to fear rather than hope.  We can easily lose our way.  But we have a very good compass:  our faith.  We three have two vehicles between us.  One is a 1980 Suburu station wagon “clunker” with almost 150,000 miles on the odometer.  It still runs like a top but it wouldn’t be road worthy for the long road trips we take.  The other vehicle, leased to us at a really good deal by 72 Disciple friends, is a Toyota Sienna van (Tarago in Australia).  The most important feature is the GPS, but even more basic is the little digital indicator which registers  N  S  E  W.  We stay securely on track no matter what.  What a security it is for us as we try to charter courses in unfamiliar territory!

So, too, we attempt to find our way through new and challenging times.  We yearn for spiritual guidance if there is a family crisis, some personal difficulty like chronic depression, life tasks that seem unbearable or any other issue.  Our life journies are always a mixture of joy and struggle.

I hope to develop some helpful insights in this regard.  Get out your compass!