C21 Online, is from Boston College. I have been following their material for awhile, hoping to take some courses for my own education. But,  “Death of Jesus: Four Gospel Accounts” is free, and could not be better timed, with Lent so close.

We all have read or heard the Passion narratives many times. But few of us could answer basic questions that are very important. Which Gospel writer wrote what? How do they differ from one another? Why do they differ? What story do they commonly tell? What is the truth about the death of Jesus? Who were “The Jews” John condemned? What part was played by the High Priest, Pilate and Herod? Who were the heroes in human terms?

All of these questions and more are answered in the mini course. I thought I was well read, have read numbers of books, and preached on all of this. I have even written my own “Stations of the Cross”. Well, I have learned much from this simple course in direct language, with its own review written in. And it is easy to do!

If you want to know the truth, and be inspired all over again by the Passion narratives, do this course. You will find it at: www.bc.edu/c21online