I wish all my friends who are mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers….a very happy Mother’s Day.  Today in the homily which Nick and I gave together, we used the Gospel account of the vine and the branches comparing it to the umbilical cord with which we were all initially attached to our mums.  Even though it was cut at birth, many of us still needed and continue to need the intimate connection with our mums.  So too we are connected to Jesus as a vine to the branch, a very intimate connection. We actually share in Jesus divine life and love; it is a cord that is never severed.

My own mother is in her 92nd year.  I sent her a card with a picture of a child on a trainer potty seat with the caption “Mom, you taught me all that I needed to know.”  I feel very lucky because I knew and remember two grandmothers, Hattie Gfrerer and Sadie Bukrey and two great grandmothers, Lizzy Coller and, Great grandma Ligman, and one very very special mother, Evelyn Gfrerer Bukrey Garrett.  All of them on my mother’s side lived to be close to 100. So it is what I have to look forward to!

For all of our mums (moms) living and deceased, whether we had a good relationship with them or not….we can thank them for the gift of life, but in many instances, for so much much more.