We arrived back on the shores of awesome Australia on April 25.  The journey over went well.  No delays, baggage arrived with us.  These days that is a “great” trip!

Our neighbors sent an email saying that the day after we left they saw a mother bear and four cubs in our yard.  It didn’t take them long to “move in.”  We are sorry to be missing seeing them this year.

For those of you who knew of Mike’s brief hospital visit in Virginia from Holy Thursday through Good Friday, he is doing fine now and managed the trip just fine.  The doctor in Wisconsin gave him a clean bill of health.  Mike was happy to know that it was NOT his heart.

We are about to start our two day road trip from the Gold Coast to northern Victoria.  You can check out the details of upcoming jobs, of course, on our web page “shedules.”    We are eager to meet new friends and get reacquainted with old friends as well. We will have a week in between the first two jobs in VIC to go to Melbourne for some visiting.  We haven’t been there in a long time. Yes, we’ve packed our woolies!

We will be in Australia until July 20, when we return to USA.