We are still on our Lenten road journey on the East Coast of USA.  We have completed three parishes and are working at the fourth parish.  The last parish (next week) will have a new format.  We will be using Albert Nolan’s book Jesus Today in the morning sessions.  At night we will be giving talks on St. Paul and using a powerpoint which I enjoyed creating.  These are new presentations we have prepared for this year of St. Paul. Nolan’s book is excellent theology and easy reading.  I found myself pausing to do a lot of reflecting as I read each chapter.

We are still on our Lenten spiritual journey as well.  I am enjoying using the daily reading reflections from The Little Black Book as well as the booklet provided by Pax Christi.  I am aware of so much suffering in the world, and as well, seeing first hand, some of our friends enduring serious financial problems as a result of the recession. So I try to carry hope in my heart and keep from complaining. You and all your loved ones who also may be struggling financially are in my daily prayers. Unfortunately, the fallout from this financial melt down is only beginning to become evident in everyday lives. If nothing else, we can be Jesus for each other at this time and as the situation becomes even more dire in the future.

As Holy Week approaches, I am also starting to reflect on how I am called to do some foot washing.  Perhaps you are too.  We can renew our Lenten commitments for these next two and a half weeks.