We have had over 10,000

Submitted by Fr Nicholas Punch (not verified) on Feb. 01, 2010.

We have had over 10,000 people saying, “Just say, Wait!” They have not been heeded nor even has there been an admission that there is anxiety about the whole new translation.
How much is the new translation costing? How many times have Vox Clara met, and at what cost? What will be the final cost of the new Missals and the various introductions, seminars and justifications in dioceses?

What is desperately needed is the revitalization of celebrants of Liturgy, not new translations. People complain about boring liturgy, not about the translation. The number of parishes where the reform of Vatican II has not been implemented is an international shame. That money could have been spent retraining priests and liturgy teams, helping homilists be more accurate and imaginative in their presentations. Now that would be worth all the fuss!