This prayer was written by Fr. James Martin, SJ. I find it very appropriate for this time of discernment for our new POTUS. From the Facebook of Fr. James Martin, SJ.

An Election Season Prayer

God, I know that I don’t have to get angry. I don’t have to get worked up. I don’t have to get depressed. And I don’t have to throw anything at the TV. I just have to use my conscience and vote. So help me remember what Jesus taught in the Gospels, and what our church teaches, especially about the poor, the refugee, the migrant, the sick, the homeless, the unborn, the disabled, the hungry, the elderly and the lonely. Help me remember the “least” among us, and help me ponder in my heart how to cast my vote for the good of all. God, I know that no candidate is perfect, because I’m not perfect either, the last time I checked. So free me of the burden of having to vote for someone who satisfies all my desires for a candidate. My candidate will be imperfect, like me. Help me to be grateful for the ability to vote, because not everyone has that privilege. And when I meet people voting for someone else, Help me to take a deep breath and give them the benefit of the doubt, because they are following their consciences, too. Help me remember that even though they sometimes drive me nuts, I don’t have to argue with them, I don’t have to convince them, I don’t have to hate them, And I don’t have to demonize them. Then, after the election, help me work for unity. Because I know that’s what you want. AMEN