Am I the only one who gets depressed at the state of US politics? I heard today of a new proposal from the President. It began with a wonderful proposal of not only accepting the DACA young people, and even expanding the number of those accepted to 1.8 million. I couldn’t believe my ears until I heard the cost. I don’t know if I got the cost wrong, but very few have shown much enthusiasm for building a wall, and few could believe that it could or would be paid for by Mexico. Where would such a poor country find the money to build even a basic boundary? Is it really to cost taxpayers $25 billion? What could be done with that money? We know that central and South America comprise dreadfully poor countries. We would earn not only great praise but wonderful friends by a sort of Marshall plan for these poor people. We have generous young people giving their time, enthusiasm professional ability and Christian love to work in countries like Guatemala, the Carribean and South America. We have just watched Puerto Rico suffer the consequences of the hurricanes that have left millions in poverty and with little help from those just beyond their borders. How much would some of that$25 billion go to resolving their problems, just with food and capital rejuvenation. There are still parts of USA struggling to rebuild. What a tragic waste of money to feed the ego of our President!
Together with this is the reduction of other successful plans like reunion of families! This is a sin against humanity, and few of us seem to object!