We arrived home (to our center in NW Wisconsin) on Tuesday afternoon, April 14.  Since leaving in late January for our Lenten work, we have driven over 5,000 miles.  All of the parishes received us so well.  We have made many new friends.  I feel very grateful for the hope and enthusiasm I see in local church communities.  Times are not easy and yet for each of you, faith remains so strong and vibrant, truly an inspiration to me.  I have captured many of your smiling faces on my digital camera.  Soon these will be posted on our photo “Gallery” for you to see.  I wish I could have gotten everyone’s photo!  For those from Resurrection Community in Moneta, VA who knew of Fr. Mike’s brief visit to the hospital, just know he managed the trip home just fine and will get  further checks with his local doctor here.  Your kindness to us at this time has been overwhelming.

Since returning, Mike has gotten a good bill of health from his doctor here in Wisconsin.  For this we are grateful.  Now, we look with great excitement this coming week,  to returning to Australia.  Our flight over is Thurs. Apr. 23, arriving Sydney Sat. Apr. 25th, Anzac Day!